Employment Law

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Attorney Taczak is prepared to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in employment matters. For the business, our offices will advise employers how claims can be prevented including: developing policy manuals, employment contracts and employee handbooks. The focus is to minimize the possibility of litigation and allow the employer to focus on the business instead of lawsuits.

Employees face different legal concerns. Our offices can advise clients with respect to employment discrimination (sex, age, race, religion, national origin, disability), wrongful discharge and employee benefits. We are available to review and negotiate employment contracts, non compete and separation agreements. We counsel and represent clients in disciplinary matters.

Wrongful Discharge Litigation

Employers and employees alike are aware that employers must not discriminate against employees based on certain characteristics. These “protected classes” are listed above. Any adverse action toward the employee can constitute discrimination, whether in hiring/firing, promotion/demotion, discipline and other actions of employment. The law protects equal pay and equal opportunities in employment. Claims often start with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. Attorney Taczak has helped employees obtain compensation for discrimination in the workplace. If you believe you are the victim of discrimination, contact our offices for a free consultation.

Wage and Benefit Claims

Both federal and state laws protect employees’ right to compensation. The Fair Labor Standards Act, ERISA and the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection law require employers to make payments for overtime, benefits, sick and vacation pay. Executives and managers may have employment contracts requiring severance payments. If you think your employer owes you money but won’t pay, we can help.

Whistleblower Claims

A whistleblower is someone who reports wrongdoing. Federal and state laws make it illegal for an employer to fire or discipline an employee for reporting certain wrongdoing of the employer. Retaliation is when an employer takes action against the employee making the report. Your employer can not retaliate against you for doing what is right in these situations. If you need to discuss a situation, give us a call.

Family Medical Leave Advice and Litigation

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides employees up to 12 weeks unpaid leave each year for various circumstances, including caring for a loved one and pregnancy. If you have been denied leave or suffered retaliation for taking leave, you may have rights to pursue recovery.

Unemployment Claims

Attorney Taczak regularly represents employees in unemployment compensation claims. Often times, the issue involves whether the employee was discharged or voluntarily quit. If you feel you were left with no other alternative and forced to resign, you may be eligible for benefits. Other times, the issue is whether the employee engaged in willful misconduct. You need an advocate to help explain your actions. We will help you present your side of the story to the referee who determines if you will be awarded benefits. Attorney Taczak has also successfully appealed and overturned claims which were denied by the referee.

Contact our offices if you have questions about your workplace rights!